Greetings from CEO

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

We are a company who is practicing love toward mankind through research of healthy
water and development of various materials and alkaline reduced water generators
(medical substance generators).

With an effort for the development of materials relating to water and products corresponding
to them, we are devoting to research on various roles and functions of water that are changed
by the combination of natural mineral materials and water while we are making efforts to
develop new products.

Along with the application and registration of invention patents for the technologies and
products which have been already developed by us, we have launched and are actively
marketing at home and abroad the highest quality products onto which bio-technology has
been grafted, and we will continue to grow into a bio-venture business who practices
love toward mankind by putting forth our strength on the development of natural materials
generating good water for national health and products to be used worldwide.

Thank you.